A MIGHTY FOURTRIS IS OUR GOD. Get it? Get it? Hi, I'm Suz and I'm kinda obsessed with all things Divergent. Met V. Roth on May 2 and she is awesome! Message me if you want to fangirl with me!

Are you Divergent or Factionless? I can't decide!

Who else is tuning in?
Spotted a box of Divergent trading cards at Target today! Has anyone picked these up?

— What on earth is going on with Tumblr?




I wish I had memory serum to erase this fucking book from my head

And let me talk about how Allegiant wouldn’t download to my Nook last night, but it did on my iPhone. So, I read the entire book on my freaking iPhone; in one sitting. My eyes hate me so much.

— Finished Allegiant 9 hours ago…

And I still look like this…

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